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I’ve been working in the field of Family Constellations for over 25 years now. My work as a trainer, facilitator and supervisor is wonderful. I love it.

What I found though, was that as my practice increased, so did the admin required to maintain it! My daughter worked for me for a while. It suited both of us. It was fine for me that she fitted the hours in with her care of her young children and she was efficient. Then as my practice grew more I needed more immediate help and at the same time her interests began to diverge elsewhere as she began thinking about her own career. So I started looking for another Administrator. I found a person for a short while, but I soon discovered she had 5 other jobs at the same time and she just didn’t have the capacity to do what I needed.

Then I came across Solace. I think it might have been my daughter who put me in touch with them. I met Karen first and immediately I felt she had the measure of what I was looking for. She was very friendly and accommodating and I was shocked and pleasantly surprised when she said she and her staff LOVED the admin work I so HATED! It was a marriage made in heaven! Soon Emma became my main person and I’ve worked with her now for over a year and nothing seems too much trouble for her. She is efficient and prompt with her responses to my needs. I feel I can totally trust her to do what’s needed. Occasionally, I worry I am piling too much on her and I’ve asked a few times, but no she is fine with the way I work. So now I can relax and just enjoy doing the work I love, knowing the rest is in good hands.

Thank you Solace!!

Coming Home Constellations

“You have made my life easier, not having to keep up to date with regulations. Thank you. I do appreciate yours and Sharon's input. Thank you, both.”

Mr H, H Farm

“This is the best company I have had the pleasure to work with. All the girls are very professional and welcoming even with my very bad bookkeeping. They have managed to sort my accounts out swiftly and have made my life so much easier.”

ABC Building Services

“The Team at Solace have been absolute gems. Assisting & guiding in a way that is most helpful and supportive. They have the ability to read between the lines, anticipate our needs and be ready to meet them. They really do help take the stress out of running your business!”

Willow’s Tearoom

“The day I found Solace was the day my stress levels decreased and I could get back on track with running my business rather than drowning in a sea of paperwork. I had been hesitant to employ the services of someone to do my bookkeeping as I thought I had everything under control. NOW thanks to Karen and the amazing Solace team everything really is under control.”

Trading Post Farm Shop

“Karen at Solace is the most helpful, friendly and professional person you will ever meet. The support Solace provides the company is invaluable. Highly recommend.”

Marshalsea Engineering

“The whole office is a friendly and safe environment. I would definitely recommend Karen and her team. Karen has taken great care to help me further my business as I expand. Nothing is too little for her to go through and break down for me.”

J&J Catering

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