Call handling services offered by Solace

Customers Won’t Always Ring Back

Do you hate it when you phone a business and nobody answers? Or you’re forced to leave a voice message when all you want is to speak to somebody?

Perhaps you’ll call back later or leave a message… Or maybe you’ll try somewhere else.

Why put your customers through the same experience?

You might not have time to answer calls while you’re busy looking after your customers, but we do.

The call answering service your business needs

Every business is different, so we make our call answering service flexible:

  • Capture every sales opportunity
  • Fully outsourced service or an overflow facility
  • A dedicated call-divert number
  • Flexible coverage: only pay for the hours you need
  • Calls answered with your personal company greeting
  • A dedicated team who know you, your business and your values
  • Messages taken diligently and sent to you immediately in a pre-agreed format: e.g. text, email, task management software.

Experience shows that when we handle our clients’ calls their businesses grow faster than expected.