Virtual assistant services offered by Solace

Muddle Through Or Take Control?

Hiring a new member of staff is expensive. Sometimes it doesn’t work out. So as the number of admin tasks in your business grows it’s tempting to muddle through for as long as you can.

Maybe there’s a better way.

Virtual assistant services

Here are some of the things Solace can do for you:

  • Scheduling appointments and diary management
  • Managing email accounts
  • Task management and prioritising work
  • General administration
  • Account management
  • Create and format weekly reports for sales, hours worked, tasks etc
  • Create and send invites / newsletters etc
  • Schedule client meetings
  • Agendas and taking, preparing and distributing minutes
  • Preparing training manuals to include work flows
  • Form creation
  • Proofreading
  • Graph creation
  • Social media content writing
  • Mystery shopping
  • Data entry
  • Client onboarding
  • Organise Dropbox/Google Drive/Onedrive files
  • Website blog updates

That’s a huge list of things that you won’t have to do yourself any more (or perhaps not get round to because there isn’t time).

And that’s not all of them. Whatever you’re struggling with, give us a call and see where we can help.

All VA work is charged on an hourly basis. You only pay for the work you need.