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Security matters… from the expert

We were lucky to recently receive a talk from a Cyber Security expert in the maritime industry. During the presentation, and to summarise in a nutshell, sending attachments in emails is as bad as leaving documents on a table in a pub for anyone to see.

DID YOU KNOW: Emails don’t go direct from sender to receiver, but rather they are bounced around various different servers until they reach the recipient. During this time they are open to being intercepted, details being changed and the recipient not realising they will end up responding to the hacker! Neither recipient, nor sender has any awareness of this!

This is why we have taken the decision as a company to only send attachments via our Secure portal senta with immediate effect. To make this as easy as possible for you, whenever we send something for you to see, we will advise you in the email that you will need to log into Senta (save it into your favourites) and where a signature is needed, senta will advise you to digitally sign the document if you are happy.

Your data is extremely important to us and we want to keep it safe. If you need any help getting access to Senta please call your account manager and they will be happy to go through it with you.

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